Worship • Fellowship • Discipleship • Outreach • Service

This is what we are all about at Reformed Baptist Church — worshiping God our redeemer, fellowship with one another, deepening our knowledge of and devotion to Christ, bringing others to know him also, and serving him by serving others.

We at Reformed Baptist Church feel that we are unusually blessed of God in many ways. The fellowship here is genuinely rich in our common adoration of God, and our people share a common love for Christ, for the Word of God, and for the advance of the gospel of God’s saving grace. We believe enthusiastically that solid, Biblical theology is necessary to undergird Christian experience and worship, and we are not interested in the lesser substitute of the “feel-good” gospel and the entertainment-oriented worship so common today. Convinced of the value of knowing God through His Word and of the singular effectiveness of the gospel, the members of RBC regularly gather around the Scriptures to learn from God more about Him and how we may better live to serve and glorify Him. Our goal is to see the Word of God prevail (Acts 19:20) in our preaching, evangelism, and personal lives.

Of course, at the center of our message is Jesus Christ. It is our greatest desire to faithfully minister Him, Whom to know aright is life eternal. To come to know Him is to find meaning and confidence for life and for eternity, for in Him is forgiveness of sins.

Services at RBC are informal but serious in recognition of the presence of our great God. Joyful and enthusiastic singing is a regular and blessed part of our worship in his praise. Still, we are convinced that there is no higher worship than our submissive listening to him, and so the preaching of His Word remains central in our meetings.

Perfect we are not. But we do love what we have at RBC Franconia, and we are grateful for God’s goodness in bringing us together to form this, his church. Please feel welcome to visit with us and catch the joy of our fellowship in Christ. And of course, we are here to serve — if there is any way in which we can minister to you more individually, please let us know.